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Hot Rods

Armor AllĀ® Hot Rod

They look weird, create an infernal amount of noise and are quite simply a cultural icon. Hot Rods are an important part of the American automobile scene – their drivers are seen as über-cool daredevils surrounded by scantily-clad girls wearing little [...]

World of Outlaws

World of Outlaws (US)

Dirt track racing has a following of 30 million loyal fans across most of the United States, and it sells 52 million tickets each year, which amounts to more tickets sold than NASCAR, NBA, NFL, and NHL combined. World of Outlaws, with more than 140 annual event [...]


Tony Stewart

From the beginning of his career 25 years ago, Tony Stewart has proved to be a champion every step of the way. The Columbus, IN, native has scored a total of ten driving championships since he first wheeled a go-cart at a Westport, IN, racetrack in 1978. Stewart [...]